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A team

Lock yourself in the room of your choice with your team of 3 to 5 players


Solve a series of logic puzzles , skill and cooperation. Here, no question of general culture!

60 Minutes

Escape you to the room less than an hour with the help of Game Master who will guide you during your game.


Family & Friends

You are looking for a friendly activity , stimulating, fun and original to family or friends? You have made the rounds of bowling , billiards, laser -Game and other traditional entertainment ?

Book now for a unique experience !


Looking for a new and challenging activity to strengthen cohesion within your workforce ? Lockout is a unique game where thinking and teamwork are the key ingredients for success.

The ” Team Building ” makes sense !


The ” Escape Rooms” have no secrets from you ? You are a player and you want to launch a new kind of challenge ?
Lockout is here to prove to you that nothing beats a real immersion experience

From virtual to reality … !

Book Now !
Book Now !
April 2016


Off-peak hours (Tuesday – Friday 9h30-17h30 ) :
3 Players : 75 € (25 € per person )
4 Players : € 84 ( € 21 per person )
5 Players : 85 € (17 € per person

Full of hours (Tuesday – Friday 17h30-22h / Saturday- Sunday) :
3 Players : € 84 ( € 28 per person )
4 Players : € 96 ( € 24 per person )
5 Players : 100 € (20 € per person )

Yes, a reservation is required to try your luck . You can make your reservation online by clicking on the links. Or contact us directly by email or phone.
Each session takes about 90 minutes . This includes : – Introduction: 15 minutes – game: 60 minutes – Debriefing : 15 minutes ( review / photos / you drink / recover your belongings ).
No. When booking your part , you get private access to the selected room. It will be just you and your teammates against time.
Lockout is a leisure activity that is primarily aimed at a teen audience family / adult, friends, companies, etc. The puzzles are made of logic , manipulations, deductions, addresses, etc. No question of general culture will be asked.
The parties play 3 to 5 players . It is important to know the number of players at the time of booking as the rate is based on that number. However, if a change must be made , you can reach us by mail or phone contact@lockoutgame.fr 04 93 95 88 18 .
No. The door through which you entered is not locked . You can always leave if you feel the need.
Yes, a Game Master helps you throughout the game. It communicates with you via a camera system , microphone and speakers.
No. Each of the rooms is unique. At each room, a new theme, a new atmosphere , new puzzles.
We recommend a minimum age of 14 for the children alone , and from 10 years accompanied by at least one adult.
Yes, we can prepare tailor your coming home. Bachelor Parties boy / girl , birthdays, recreation center, etc … Contact us by mail ( contact@lockoutgame.fr ) or telephone (04 93 95 88 18)


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